Free photo editing tools

Free photo editing tools!

Surely you're often faced with the problem of how to adjust the picture. Photoshop you do not know or just do not have time to learn it. What to do? In this article you will find some useful links for beginners but also for experienced users. The tools are free. You can download it and install on your computer or simply edit your photos online and then simply save:)

The first is Picasa. This software is one of Google in fact is the best for Windows. It has a simple interface, great editing tool, and it's the best way for easy editing your photo.
Picasa can be easily downloaded. The ideal is to updated version of Picasa. With this simple application you can easily edit photos - crop, add brightness, contrast, and many other special effects.Picasa is simple tool and quality at the same time.

FotoFlexer is a free online photo editing tool. It is ideal editor for beginners because it is relatively simple and edits photos quickly. Offers features such as blurring and different noises. This tool can be found on the Web for free.

GIMP is a comprehensive tool for more complex photo editing. It is recommended for advanced users. The exhaustive application has many features. But It is not so heavy that you could not understand when you are a bit experienced with Photoshop. This tool is based on the concept of open-source image editor. Composing images, retouching, creating a lot of other tools offers editor. The manual is in multiple languages.

InfraView is equally known and certainly most of you know it. It is a simple tool for photo editing. It works only on the Windows platform. We recommend it to all who have no experience with photoediting.
Paint.Net has an easy user interface. This rapid sympathetic tool will benefit anyone who needs to quickly adjust image without high quality standards.

Ďalšie linky na úpravu fotografií: - online photoediting, for intermmediate users. - upload your photo and edit directly online, a simple tool. On the left side of the screen is the text that guides you. - simple tool, you can upload photos and crop, add text, apply various effects. - nice designed photo editor - the top left click, you upload your photo and edit. It contains all the basic features for editing photos and it is easy to use.